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Corrected entry: When Mat is turning off the ringer on his phone he selects "Menu", "Settings", "Ring/Volume", and then it goes straight to the bar showing what level the volume is at. The problem is that in order to get to that screen you have to go "Menu", "Settings", "Ring/Volume", then "Ringer Vol L1:". I could see him pressing the button twice really fast in order to skip that screen but the missing screen would still show up for a split second before switching and we never hear the button being pressed twice to go from Ring/Volume to the bar. (I own this phone so it kinda irked me that they made these mistakes)

Correction: Although the service provider of this phone is Nextel nation-wide, different programs for operation can be placed in the phone. The menu operation has nothing to do with the model name of the phone itself.

Corrected entry: In the scene were Mat is turning the ringer off on his phone we see him going into the menu, then selecting ringer options and then turning off his ringer. The problem with this scene is that when you adjust the ringer through the menu of a Motorola I90 the ring tone sounds as you are raising or lower the volume.

Correction: That particular phone only makes a tone when lowering or raising the volume if it is closed. If the phone is flipped open, as it was in this scene, there is no tone to indicate the volume.

Corrected entry: Mathias turns his cell phone to vibrate in the police station, during the scene where Ann's phone records are being reviewed. He promptly walks outside where his cell phone rings.

Correction: As soon as she calls him and hangs up, you can see his fingers moving on his cell phone to put the ringer back on.

Corrected entry: At the end, when Denzel's wife tells him she will move back in with him, he bends down to get her a beer out of the cooler. When he hands her the beer bottle, it is half full.

Correction: If you listen to the dialogue of this scene, you will hear Denzel's character indicate there are no more beers and he offers to share the one he is drinking. This is why the beer he hands her is not full.

Plot hole: The suitcase with all the money is at the fake doctor guy. This makes absolutely no sense - it was given to the girl. Why would she hand it over to that guy when they could have done the splitting of the money right that night?

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Chae: Matt, this is the gold pot, at the end of the storm... thing... cloud.

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