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Out of Time (2003)

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Continuity mistake: When Denzel pulls up to the hotel to see Paul Cabot the view from the inside of the truck shows a connector for a rear view mirror, but no mirror. When they cut to an external view of the truck it has a rear view mirror.

Charles Fraser

Plot hole: The suitcase with all the money is at the fake doctor guy. This makes absolutely no sense - it was given to the girl. Why would she hand it over to that guy when they could have done the splitting of the money right that night?

Factual error: After Mat has turned off his ringer we see him going into the menu and turning off his voice mail through an option labeled "Voice Mail / Off". The biggest problem with this is that there is no option to turn off your voice mail in an I90. The closest thing that it has is an option to turn off the ring tone that signals a new voice mail message.

Other mistake: When the doctor friend of Denzel Washington tries to cover him by saying the cell-phone number is his, doesn't anyone just call him or check his phone to verify the number? No one would have any reason to suspect he's lying but this was supposed to be a major murder case and it would take only a moment to check it out.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie, when Ann calls Matt to her house and they are about to make out, Matt grabs Ann with both hands by her throat. The camera shows both of them in profile with their faces very close together. When the camera view changes to from behind Matt they are much farther apart.

Christoph Galuschka Premium member

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Denzel and his on-screen wife meet up in the car after being on the hotel, it's raining. As his wife stands outside of the car we can see rain on the window, but as the shots changes no rain is seen. Also you can see blue skies and grey skies in different shots in the same scene.

Continuity mistake: When Denzel Washington enters the hotel room to see a murder suspect, you can hear the TV in the background. The movie "Legally Blonde" is on. You can hear Warner in the movie say, "I need to stop dicking around.." then, Denzel is attacked by the suspect & they have this huge fight scene on the balcony. Then, Denzel comes back in and you can hear the TV again and you can hear Elle in the TV say, "so when you were dating me, you were just dicking around?" The fight scene must have taken 15 minutes and that line comes immediately after the first line you hear.

Factual error: Ann could not have changed the beneficiary of her life insurance policy into Mathias' name. In the case of a married couple, the law requires a spouse's signature to surrender benefits whenever somebody other than the spouse is named as the primary beneficiary.

Factual error: In the scene where Denzel Washington pretends to make the phone call to the flower shop on his cell phone, right before he hangs up, the phone says "If you'd like to make a call please hang up..." revealing to the audience that he was talking to himself, not a person on the phone. But cell phones do not make that announcement, only regular phones.

Plot hole: The happy ending twist, with Denzel getting the life insurance policy payout, couldn't happen. No insurance policy ever written would pay out if the policyholder's death resulted from participation in a crime.

Factual error: Denzel Washington, pretending to be Paul Cabot goes to his hotel and says he forgot his key and he would like a new one. He wasn't asked for an ID nor did he presented any so it's unlikely the clerk just gave him the key. Moreover, he said he forgot his key inside the room, so without ID what would have normally happened was another employee would go up with him and open his door for him.

Factual error: Denzel Washington calls the hotel and says he is Paul Cabot. The hotel clerk gives him Paul Cabot's room number over the telephone. This would never happen.

Plot hole: She made Matt a real 1 Million dollar life insurance beneficiary to get 400,000 dollars. How did she know Matt would give her the money? If she was gonna murder her husband anyway, instead of doing this long elaborate plan on Matt, why not just kill her husband and collect his insurance policy?

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