Sling Blade

Sling Blade (1996)

Ending / spoiler

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Karl splits Doyle's head in two with a lawnmower blade, calls 911, then sits down at the kitchen table and has a biscuit with mustard. Last shot is a slow zoom on Karl, staring out a window - he's back at the "nervous hospital".


Continuity mistake: When Karl stayed at the Warden's home, the first shot which would be the following morning, shows the exterior of a single story home. In the following shot of the interior, there is a staircase going up to a second floor.

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Old Man: I wish you'd all lay off for tonight! I can't hear myself think with that racket.
Doyle: Hey! HEY.
Old Man: Knock it off or I'm calling the police.
Doyle: I told you three times already, the law's on my side! I play cards with J.D. Shelnut, chief of PO-lice! So kiss my ass, you old bastard.

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