Calendar Girls
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Chris: T minus two hours. Bras off to avoid strap marks.
Celia: As we speak darling, as we speak.

Chris: I'm not a total dead loss as a woman, I may not be able to knit or make plum jam but I can bake a bloody Victoria sponge... 'course I didn't bake this one, I got it at Marks and Spencer.

Chris: Look at 'em. Highgyll WI, "ooh, let's arrange our cakes round an old cartwheel."
Ruth: Does look pretty though.
Chris: Whose side are you on, Brutus?
Ruth: No, I didn't mean.
Chris: What's your event by the way?
Ruth: Tea tray, on an international theme. I did Jamaica but it could be anywhere in the Caribbean.
Chris: You know, if more people did WI, there'd be half the need for hallucinogenic drugs.

Chris: Lawrence, we're going to need considerably bigger buns.

Annie: Jessie, we're getting to the point now where we really need to commit.
Jessie: No front bottoms.
Annie: What?
Jessie: I'm in. Just no front bottoms. That's a sight I reserved for just one man in my life.
Annie: Do you think your husband would mind?
Jessie: It wasn't my husband.

Ruth: We're not all Chrises in this life. Some of us are Ruths.

Chris: How's Jem?
Rod: He made a quiche on Tuesday. We've been stoned ever since.

Annie: You baked that?
Chris: I'm not a total dead loss as a woman. I can't knit or make plum jam but I can bake a bloody Victoria sponge.
Annie: Ok, thank you.
Chris: Course, I didn't actually bake this one - I got it at Marks and Spencer - but the point is.
Annie: You can't enter a cake you bought in a shop.
Chris: Get off! It doesn't matter where it comes from, does it? This is about putting up a united front against Highgyll. This isn't bakery. It's Zulu.

Annie: Your son's been arrested.
Chris: And released with 10g of oregano. The only thing that'd be dangerous in is a quiche.

Student Photographer: The blood represents the spread of globalisation and the sheep's skull represents the death of democracy.
Chris: And the carrot?
Student Photographer: The carrot is capitalism.

Celia: It's the whole showing your breasts issues that concerns me.
Annie: The point is that we won't really be showing anything.
Celia: Yes, that's what concerns me.
Annie: Yours are good, are they?
Celia: They're tremendous.

Jessie: Hello dear. I thought I'd bring my journalists to meet your journalists.

Lawrence Sertain: Congratulations! It's a calendar.

End title card: To date, the Calendar Girls have raised over £578,000. This has paid for a new leukaemia unit at the local hospital. And a sofa.

Annie: Anybody fancy some chips?

Marie: Naked.
Cora: It's not naked. It's nude.
Marie: What's the difference?
Celia: Art.

Revealing mistake: In the scene with the press conference, as Chris is making her way to the front, journalists are holding cassette recorders out, as if seeking comment. The problem comes in that they are playing their recorders, but not recording, since the play buttons are pushed, but the red record buttons are not.

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