The Rundown

Trivia: California Govenor and former action star Arnold Schwarzenegger makes a special guest appearance in this movie. When Beck first arrives at the night club, Arnold walks right by him and tells him to "have fun." Arnold had just become Govenor and knew he would not be acting for awhile so this was his way of passing the torch to someone he felt would take his place as the future of action movies.


Trivia: In some scenes of the movie, The Rock is actually wearing a wig. One scene in particular is when Beck brings Travis back to his Dad's house in LA. The reason is that the scene was reshot after the movie had wrapped, and The Rock had shaved his head. (01:33:55)

Nicole Sheldon

Trivia: The film's original title was "Helldorado." It was then changed to "Welcome to the Jungle," before being changed again to "The Rundown." It's still "Welcome to the Jungle" in Europe, possibly because "The Rundown" sounds like it refers to a car accident, whereas in the US it would be more readily associated with a bounty hunter.

Trivia: Beck tells one of the rebels that he thinks Muhammad Ali would win a fight against Mike Tyson. To intimidate his opponents, The Rock's father, Rocky Johnson, would often perform the "Ali shuffle" during his wrestling matches.

Trivia: Seann William Scott's line about thunderstorms was accidentally improvised; while the reference to thunder was still there, the line itself was supposed to be different.

Trivia: Both of the film's previous working titles are referenced in the film. After arriving in South America, Beck passes a sign that reads "Helldorado," and in the jungle, Travis tells Beck, "Welcome to the jungle..."

Trivia: The two bodyguards at Billy's house in the beginning of the movie are totally different guys than Billy's two bodyguards at the end of the movie. The reason for this is that those characters were recast and the scene was reshot. (00:09:45 - 01:33:30)

Nicole Sheldon

Trivia: At the club, Beck grabs a guy and hits him against the floor using his arm, that move is the "rock bottom", used by the Rock when he's wrestling.

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Continuity mistake: When the Rock finally starts using guns, there is one shot where the three holes in his tee shirt are on the right side of his chest, because it is a flipped shot. The holes are on the left side of his chest in every other shot. (01:23:20 - 01:24:40)

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Travis: So, wait a minute. She gets what she needs, you get what you need, and I get the shaft?
Beck: I could always give her back the gun.
Travis: I really don't like you.
Beck: Yeah well, I get that a lot.

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