Fort Apache

Fort Apache (1948)

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Factual error: When York is explaining to Thursday about Cochise and the Indian agent's calumny, he states that Cochise took his people off the reservation, and crossed the Rio Grande into Mexico. The reservation in question would have been in the Arizona Territory, and the Rio Grande ceases to be the international border at El Paso, Texas. Cochise may have gone into Mexico, but he didn't cross the Rio Grande to get there.

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Factual error: After the first encounter with the Apaches, the covered wagon is headed to the Fort at full speed. The camera pans to the Apaches on the ridge and you can see a truck driving at the bottom right corner. (00:32:00)

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Captain Yorke: A charge! Mounted in fours.
RSM Michael O'Rourke: Why the madman.
Captain Yorke: And I'm to stay with the wagon train... and take O'Rourke with me.
RSM Michael O'Rourke: You'll find Lt. O'Rourke with his troop, sir. And thank you.

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Trivia: Like in most western films made by John Ford, real Native Americans were used and were paid union scale.


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