The Jigsaw Man

Continuity mistake: About 70 mins into the film, Michael Caine pulls into a petrol station. All in one shot: Michael Caine asks for the car to be filled up, the attendant puts the nozzle in the car and starts filling it (using the "hold-on" feature now disabled on most pumps), takes the £10 proffered, goes back towards the office, Michael Caine spots Robert Powel, gets in the car and starts the engine. The next shot shows Michael Caine driving away from the petrol station with nobody close enough to have disconnnected the fuel hose, but no apparent fuel hose, or spilt fuel, lying on the forecourt, and the attendant not too worried about a damaged fuel pump or spilt fuel. In the next scene as Michael Caine pulls off the road into a farmyard, the filler cap is visible on, with Robert Powel passing by seconds later; Not enough time, especially for a fugitive, to have stopped, got out of the car, hobbled round, put the cap back on, hobble back, got back in and continued his escape. (01:10:15)

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