Cold Creek Manor

Easter egg: From the main menu, go to the special features menu and then to the deleted scenes menu. Once you've watched the intro by the director, highlight "A struggle at the devils throat" and press up to see some rather disturbing drawings.

Easter egg: In the scene selection menu, go to scenes 1-3, which is where you start off, underline scenes 10-12 and press down once to view some old photographs of the manor and the people who built it.

Easter egg: From the main menu, go to the special features menu then to the audio commentary menu. Highlight "bonus" and hit left once to see some old pictures of the manor.

Easter egg: On the main menu, highlight "play" and hit left once to view some pictures of Dale Massie's family.

Continuity mistake: When Juliet Luis is cleaning the windshield in the beginning of the movie, she moves to the passenger side and wets the window. The next shot she is talking to Sharon Stone and the windshield is dry.

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Question: When the girlfriend is at Dale Massey's grave at end of movie, it seems like it showed her angry face and then cut away to the credits. Were they possibly thinking of doing maybe a revenge sequel?

Answer: That may have been the intention if the film had been successful, but as it lost money, any chance of a sequel became moot.

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