Adam's Rib

Continuity mistake: During Adam's summation, the close up shots of Amanda show different reactions to his speech. The long shots show her just sitting there, not reacting. This goes back and forth several times.

Jack's Revenge

Other mistake: When they're at home the first day of the trail, Katherine Hepburn (Amanda Bonner) is having some difficulty delivering her lines. The most noticeable is when she joins her co-star Spencer Tracy (Adam Bonner) on the couch and says "are you Pinky cranky?....cranky Pinky?"

Continuity mistake: In the beginning, when Adam and Amanda are driving to work, the rear view mirror in the convertible disappears in the close up shots.

Continuity mistake: At the very end, when they're at their farmhouse, sitting on the bed with Adam faking his tears, the close up shots of Amanda are markably different than when they show the insert shots of the two of them together.

Jack's Revenge

Continuity mistake: When Adam confronts Amanda and Kip in Kip's apartment with the licorice gun, the handkerchief in Adam's suit pocket keeps changing lengths.


Adam Bonner: No matter what you think you think, you think the same as I think.

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