Kraven didn't kill Lucian. They had a deal where Lucian would cut off some of his skin and Kraven could become the leader of the Vampires and pretend that Lucian was dead. The feud started when Lucian fell in love with Viktor's daughter, got her pregnant, and Viktor killed his daughter to prevent the hybrid from being born right in front of Lucian. With Selene and Lucian's blood, Michael becomes the hybrid. The Lycan killed the Elder Amelia. Selene kills the Elder Viktor. Kraven kills Lucian. As the movie ends, the blood of the imprisoned Lycan flows and awakens the last remaing Vampire Elder. An Selene fears that instead of being the hunter she'll become the hunted. Then it cuts to a scene of the vampire elder descended from Corvinus. The blood of the werewolf Viktor killed in that room drips into his mouth and his eyes narrow like Michael's eyes did, leaving the possibility of a sequel.


Visible crew/equipment: During the final battle, a vampire shoots into a totally dark room and kills a werewolf. He then lifts his gun and people are seen reflected in the sights. (01:37:05)


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Michael Corvin: I want to stay with you.

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Question: Can anyone explain Lucian's arm blade? It seems totally out of character for him, and every time he changed to wolf form he'd have to track it down and reattach it. Moreover, since these vampires don't have any weakness to metal, there's no special advantage in using a metal blade instead of his wolf claws. So what's the point?


Chosen answer: In most of the shots, Lucien takes his coat off when he changes to wolf form, and the blade would be attatched to a mechanism in him coat. Also, the film gives us an example of the blade hurting a vampire: bloodloss. And that kind of weapon could do some serious damage, and as it probably wouldn't kill the vampires, it would almost definitely slow them down.

Answer: Removal of the head kills everything. Immortal or not. At least that's what I saw.

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