Desperado (1995)

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Bucho turns out to be the brother of El Mariachi. He and Carolina head over to Bucho's villa and give themselves up, seemingly unarmed. After a brief exchange, El Mariachi pulls out a pair of handguns that he's hidden in his sleeves and shoots a number of furious rounds directly into the camera. The scene fades out, and we're left to conclude that he was successful in his objectives.After visiting the little boy in the hosptial, El Mariachi leaves town carrying his guitar case full of guns. Carolina catches up to him in her jeep("I want you to thank me right now") and the two of them drive off together with Tito and Tarantula's "Back to the House that Love Built" playing in the background.


Continuity mistake: When the bad guys try and kill Antonio Banderas in the bookstore, after killing about the third bad guy, you can clearly see his gun lock on an empty chamber, but there's a cut and he immediately carries on shooting.

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El Mariachi: Bless me, Father, for I have just killed quite a few men.

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Trivia: The same Ford pickup truck that was used (over and over again) in El Mariachi can be seen when he crosses a street near the beginning, you don't need to look very hard to find it.

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Question: What is the song that is being played with Quentin Tarantino as he is first appeared in the bar. (Mostly the lyrics in it are "ohs" and "ahs").

Answer: It is called "Pass The Hatchet", and it is written by Ray Theriot, Roger Leon Jr. & Earl Stanley Oropeza. It was performed by Roger & The Gypsies. If you buy the soundtrack CD, it is on there, too.


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