8 Women

Marcel (Dominique Lamure) was not murdered. The whole thing was a setup by his younger daughter Catherine (Ludivine Sagnier), who staged the fake murder to get all the other women to confess their secrets (which she believes will release her father from their influence). After she reveals this to all the other women, she opens the door to the bedroom to reveal Marcel, who shoots and kills himself.

Continuity mistake: Augustine's hair has a life of its own. It becomes messed up a few shots before she fights with Gaby, then is back to its proper position during the piano shot of her song, then it's back to messy - but in a different way than before - for the standing up part of the song.


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Catherine: Suzon, I forgot one thing. I heard a strange sound. I looked through Augustine's keyhole, and I saw her standing at the mirror with something shiny. I thought nothing of it, but now I'm sure she was sharpening a knife.
Augustine: You liar! I was holding my mother-of-pearl comb and cleaning it.
Gaby: At 3:00 am?
Augustine: Combs never sleep.

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Trivia: The subtitled lyrics to Augustine's song (the part where she is standing up) have not much to do with the original French lyrics. Could it be there already are two versions of the song, one in French and one in English?


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