We never really know who is telling the truth, we kind of get the feel that John (Val Kilmer) is the one lying. However by the end, there are no real solid answers except for that John was definitely there and participated in the Wonderland murders (one of Eddie Nash's goons encouraged John to participate and there's a scene where Sharon recalls that John went to her house late at night covered in blood). John and Dawn (Kate Bosworth) head to Florida. Lind (Dylan McDermott) testifies (and Sharon is never asked to testify) and the trial ends in acquittals. John dies of AIDS in 1988. Years later, Sharon (Lisa Kudrow) revealed that John was at the crime scene the morning after the murders. Susan Lainius (Christina Applegate) was the only survivor of the murders and in court she says that she saw shadows in the apartment on the night of the murders (but that doesn't help in the trial) and that's all she remembers. Dawn writes a book about her life with John. She and Sharon and are good friends to this day. Eddie Nash is incarcerated in 2000 (for about 37 months) and is currently a free man...

Continuity mistake: When John comes to get Dawn and they leave Sally's house, the Chihuahua isn't with them, but all of a sudden it is back with them on and off throughout the movie. (00:05:45)

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John Holmes: You've got to do it. If you don't, I'm dead.
Sharon Holmes: You're already dead.

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Trivia: Filming of this movie took only eighteen days.

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Question: What is the name of the song that plays at the end of the movie just before it goes to credits?

Tobin OReilly

Chosen answer: If you could read my mind, the hero would be me.

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