Once Upon a Time in Mexico
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Agent Sands: Are you a Mexi-CAN or a Mexi-can't?
Cucuy: I'm a Mexi-CAN.
Agent Sands: Good. Then do as I say.

Fideo: The man who wants nothing is invincible, cabron.

Agent Sands: Mexico's my beat, and I'm walking it.

Agent Sands: Can you hear me now?.. Fucking bells.

El Mariachi: Why me?
Sands: Frankly, because you've got nothing to live for... and in a way you're already dead and Marquez is the one that killed you so why not return the favor?

Belini: This story is well-traveled. It might have picked up some embellishments along the way. Just read between the lines.

El Presidente: Who are you guys?
El Mariachi: Sons of Mexico, sir.

Left Nut: I was tortured once... I didn't like it. You know what the really fucked up part was? They tore out my left nut. That really turned me off to the whole thing.

El Mariachi: You want me to shoot the cook?
Agent Sands: No. I'll shoot the cook. My car's parked out back, anyway.

Sands: FBI agents never retire, they just take it a little easier.

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Trivia: Danny Trejo, who played Cucuy in this film, is director's Robert Rodriguez's cousin. This might be why Trejo is in almost every film Rodriguez has made.

T Poston

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Question: In the wedding scene, why is Carolina wearing two different types of shoes? One is white the other is badge and strapped another way.


Chosen answer: The wedding takes place almost immediately after they escaped from General Marquez. She did not grab a matching pair.


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