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Corrected entry: When Big Wig explains what happened when he lead the fox away from the rest and they heard a cry of pain, he says something about being just about to stop limping. Problem is, Hazel is the one with the injured leg, not Big Wig. In the book Big Wig does fake a limp to trick the fox, but since he's not seen doing so in the film the comment makes no sense whatsoever.

Correction: The fact Big Wig says "I just stopped limping, you know, ready to run really fast." suggests he was faking a limp even if we don't actually see it. He's already running off into the distance when the fox chases after him, so it's hard to tell either way.

Corrected entry: At the very start of the film, Fiver comes across footsteps and a smoking cigarette butt. If the smell of the recently departed man wasn't enough to keep him away from that spot (and Hazel, peacefully grazing a few feet away), then the very smelly cigarette smoke should have done the trick.

Correction: Fiver is a psychic rabbit with precognitive abilities. He senses the danger man is bringing to the warren, and this sensation (and the half-trance it evokes) is stronger than any physical distress caused by the man-made objects.

Continuity mistake: The rabbits have a close encounter with some rats in a shed on the cemetery. A spade falls over. In the next shot the spade lays in a wheelbarrow.

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Blackberry: Men have always hated us.
Holly: No. They just destroyed the warren because we were in their way.
Fiver: They'll never rest until they've spoiled the earth.

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Trivia: The term "Prince with a Thousand Enemies" used in the prelude is a direct translation of the rabbit folk hero El-Ahrairah's name.

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Question: I'm trying to remember the song that was made famous by this film. Can anyone help me?

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