Scanners (1981)

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Factual error: After the exploding head incident, Revok is captured at gunpoint. Minutes later, the man pointing the gun at Revok racks the slides; no cartridge is ejected, which means the entire time prior to this moment the handgun was useless, as there was no round in the chamber. Cocking the hammer, taking the gun from double-action to single action, would have achieved the Hollywood dramatic effect without a common sense error on gun functionality.

Continuity mistake: The lobotomy scar on Revok changes placement on his forehead ever so slightly throughout the film.

Continuity mistake: In the head exploding scene the table gets covered in blood and brain matter, but in the next shot the table is clean. (00:13:05)

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Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where the bad scanner is trying to kill the good one using the telephone line, when the good guy turns it back and blows up the office/lab at the other end, one of the scientists is blown back through the glass by the explosion. In the shot from outside the room, it is easy to see the cable pulling him back. (01:22:55)

Deliberate mistake: When the scanners escape the apartment in the van and the assassins are in pursuit there is a street view shot of the assassins driving up next to the scanners' van. If you watch the street on the right side of the screen you can see people stood watching the filming in groups, out of harms way. (00:50:28)

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Revealing mistake: When Benjamin Pierce is attacked by shotgun-wielding assassins in his workshop there is a moment when he is staggering up a small ramp and you can see a wire or cord coming from the bottom of his pants leg and leading off-screen. (00:40:53)

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Visible crew/equipment: When Cameron goes to meet Kim at her apartment he is met by another scanner. After "checking" Cameron over the scanner invites him upstairs. As the pair walk off a glass door shuts behind them and reflected in the glass you can see the boom microphone in full. (00:45:48)

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Continuity mistake: When the female assassin first shoots at Pierce with the shotgun the pellets miss Pierce altogether, but he grabs near his thigh like he was hit there. Cut to a close up of Pierce's leg immediately after and all of a sudden there are three bloody holes in his thigh. (00:40:37)

Jack Vaughan

Revealing mistake: Obvious stunt doubles replace Cameron and Kim when they run from the telephone box just before it explodes. (01:20:09)

Jack Vaughan

Continuity mistake: After the scanner's head explodes, not only is the table clean in the next shot (as already submitted) but Revok himself is as clean as a whistle. He was sat right next to him. (00:12:33)

Jack Vaughan

Paul Ruth: How do you feel?
Cameron: I feel... crystal clear.

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Trivia: Scanners is identified as having the first known media depiction of psychic activity directly or indirectly causing nosebleed. This concept has since become widespread in movies, television, and comic books/graphic novels.


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