Always (1989)

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Continuity mistake: The A-26 that Pete was flying when it blew up had a tail number of 57. In the end scenes, when Dorinda is taking Ted's A-26 (tail number 59), you can see 57 sitting on the flight line behind the idling 59.

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Suggested correction: The base apparently doesn't use unique tail ID numbers, since whenTed is landing after seeing the hermit, there are two aircraft with 59 on their tail visible in front of the hanger, so why not two 57s? (yes, this duplicate is probably just another mistake by the filmmakers) Alternatively, it is also possible that after the explosion, another aircraft was assigned a tail number of 57.

Continuity mistake: When Dorinda comes to see Pete off the last time she throws her bike on the runway. When it falls down the front wheel turns so that it almost points backwards, but when she picks it up later it points ahead. (00:31:30)


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Pete Sandich: Love! Ain't what it used to be.
Al Yackey: Oh there's only ever been two kinds: There's lash fires, which are all flame, burn themselves out and leave nothing. Then there's the long burning. That is nature's burn. Even when you think it's out, the forest floor is warm to the touch. That's the kind you and Dorinda got.
Pete Sandich: You're a poet, Al. You're a really bad poet, but you're a poet.

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