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Corrected entry: When they do the scene with the music video, Neal's lips don't match what he's singing.

Correction: It's a music video, it doesn't have to be perfect, it could have been done on purpose to add effect.

Corrected entry: During Dakota Fanning's final dance number, something falls onto the ground. It looks like a shoe and it remains there for the rest of the dance. At the end of the dance, when she has her arms up, and there is a shot from behind, the item is gone.

Correction: The item that is on the ground while she is dancing is the bow she takes out of her hair, not a shoe. it remains on the ground the entire dance and at the end, the bow can been seen momentarily to Dakota's right, then a ballerina steps in the way of your view.

Corrected entry: In the last scene Ray is dancing on stage with her ballerina friends and also onstage the English guy is singing Molly's Dad's song. They cut back and forth to Ray, Molly and the guy singing. At the end the audience rises to give Ray a standing Ovation and you can see the English Guy has stopped singing onstage, but the song is still playing as though he were singing.

Correction: The song continues to play on the soundtrack for dramatic purposes.

Correction: There is a deleted scene in which she connects some of her electronics to an extension cord plugged in to another apartment.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Neil is supposedly singing and playing the guitar at Ray's recital, he is actually lip-syncing. At the end of the scene where everyone is clapping, even though you can still hear a guitar and a voice, his lips are not moving and his hands are not on his guitar.

Correction: The music is actually just continuing from the dance. After Ray does the final "gymnastics ta-da", everyone stands up to clap, signaling the end of the dance.

Corrected entry: When Brittany Murphy picks up Dakota Fanning from school for the first time, she breaks the heel of her shoe on the sidewalk. Minutes later, when Brittany is about to enter Dakota's room, she takes her shoes off and you can see that there is nothing wrong with them.

Correction: The shoe isn't perfectly fine. It's just that she's walking on her tip toe in that one foot.

Corrected entry: Molly's electricity was cut off. Her friend comes into her apartment and says that she has 95 new messages, and Molly asks her to write them down, meaning that it was an answering machine. But wait, how could her answering machine be on if she had no electricity? And we find out seconds later that the phone line was also dead.

Correction: If you watch the deleted scenes you will see that Molly gets an extension cord and plugs it into the apartment next door... She brings it into her apartment and "prioritizes" (her words.. She plugs in her answering machine and tv along with some other things.. That is how she was able to watch the cartoon and the way her friend the next morning was able to tell that she had so many new messages...

Audio problem: Just after Molly gets fired and she sees Neal while crossing the street, he says something like, "...been able to write a decent song since I last saw you..." His lips don't match what he's saying.

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Molly Gunn: Ing, am I hideous?
Ingrid: What?
Molly Gunn: As my best friend, it is your duty not to lie to me. Please tell me, am I turning into a hideous hag?
Ingrid: Molly, you can have any guy in here with a snap of a finger, what's gotten into you?

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Question: Who bought the guitar collection?

Answer: Neal, the musician ex-boyfriend, bought the collection. The guitars later showed up at the finale of the ballet program as a tribute to Molly.


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