Carry On Girls

Trivia: The role of camp television presenter Cecil Gaybody (portrayed by Jimmy Logan) was originally written for Charles Hawtrey who had a falling out with producer Peter Rogers in the previous film, "Carry On Abroad". Hawtrey did not appear in any further films.


Trivia: Valerie Leon was dubbed throughout the entire film by June Whitfield.


Trivia: Before filming began, Barbara Windsor had never ridden a motor bike before and had a few lessons so she could. If you watch the sequence, you can see that Barbara is not very sure of herself.


Trivia: When two 'cleaning ladies' enter the girls' changing room before the start of the beauty contest, they put itching powder inside some of the girls' costumes. Unfortunately the itching powder was genuine and several of the girls, including Angela Grant, suffered a nasty rash in the process.

Trivia: Before Joan Hickson was cast, Renee Houston was offered the role of Mrs Dukes, but had to withdraw due to a bout of ill health.

Trivia: The first "Carry On" film not to feature Kenneth Williams or Charles Hawtrey since the series began in 1958.

Trivia: Bernard Bresslaw plays "Peter Potter" in this film. This is the same name as Terry Scott's character in "Carry On Camping" (1969).

Continuity mistake: During the fight in the hotel, Dawn Brakes pulls down the Mayor's trousers with both hands. Dawn then puts her left hand to her mouth in shock. In the next scene, she is seen putting her right hand to her mouth and her left hand is on the Mayor's trousers.

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Hope Springs: It's not her fault she has to wear a falsie.
Sid Fiddler: What do you mean, "a" falsie?
Hope Springs: She's got one bigger than the other.
Sid Fiddler: Is that right?
Hope Springs: No, left.

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