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Carry On Girls (1973)

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Corrected entry: 1970s movie buffs should recognise the photographer in this film. It is Robin Askwith, who played Timmy Lea in those mildly naughty Confessions films.

Correction: He is credited in the cast list. Why is this trivia?


Corrected entry: It seems that Hope Springs can't quite get her bearings. Bumbling hotel employee Jack Douglas is escorting elderly resident Joan Hickson across the busy street when they are nearly hit by the speeding Hope. Her bike whizzes past the disheveled couple but, a few moments later, she pulls up outside the Palace Hotel - The place she just sped past.

Correction: Maybe she just didn't know where the hotel was, and had to turn around. Not really a mistake in my opinion.

Continuity mistake: In the bedroom scene, Barbara Windor gets her dressing gown caught in the bed spring and has to take it off. When Sid James tries it on, he has no trouble removing it from the bed.

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Hope Springs: It's not her fault she has to wear a falsie.
Sid Fiddler: What do you mean, "a" falsie?
Hope Springs: She's got one bigger than the other.
Sid Fiddler: Is that right?
Hope Springs: No, left.

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Trivia: Before filming began, Barbara Windsor had never ridden a motor bike before and had a few lessons so she could. If you watch the sequence, you can see that Barbara is not very sure of herself.

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