Carry On at Your Convenience

Trivia: Even though Kenneth Williams plays Richard O'Callaghan's father in the movie, he was only 14 years older than O'Callaghan.


Trivia: When Vic is getting beaten up by Lewis on the Ghost Train at Brighton Pier, compare the sound to that of him getting smacked by his mother outside W.C. Boggs and Sons towards the end of the movie. It's the same sound effect.

Trivia: Outside the United Kingdom, this film was known as Carry On Round the Bend.

Trivia: This was the first Carry On film to be a box-office failure and only broke even in 1978 after distribution rights and television deals.

Trivia: Before production began, Bernard Bresslaw told producer Peter Rogers that he could ride a motorcycle. Unfortunately this came apart during filming as one scene involving him bringing the bike to a standstill and Kenneth Cope hopping off took almost 20 takes to complete.

Trivia: A boardroom debate scene where Terry Scott portrayed union boss Mr Allcock was filmed but was deleted due to time constraints. Since then the footage has long been destroyed and only stills remain. Scott was paid a sum of £500 for his one day's work.

Continuity mistake: On the coach trip into Brighton, when Mr. Lewis is following in his car, the shadow is on the lefthand side of the car. However, when he is shown behind the bus, the sun has changed sides, giving the shadow on the other side. In the same sequence, he is seen travelling on a dual-carriageway. But when he is shown waving at Myrtle at the rear of the coach, he is shown travelling along a three-laned road.

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Sid: How about some food?
Beattie: Well I could make you some beans on toast or something?
Sid: No, nothing too elaborate, thank you.

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