Carry On at Your Convenience

Visible crew/equipment: At the end of the film when the women have broken up the strike, after everyone has gone back in Sid James and Hattie Jacques are standing talking in front of Sid's car you can see the boom mike reflecting in the window of Sid's car.


Factual error: About ten minutes into the film, in the scene where there is a staff meeting deciding whether they should strike, the junior assistant talks about how much tea breaks cost the company each week. He says something along the lines of 'each member of staff has 18 toilet visits a day due to drinking tea. At four minutes a time this contributes to 72 minutes each day lost. This means we lose 15 hours a week due to visits to the toilet'. Even if the staff worked seven days a week, this would only amount to 8.4 hours lost.


Continuity mistake: On the coach trip into Brighton, when Mr. Lewis is following in his car, the shadow is on the lefthand side of the car. However, when he is shown behind the bus, the sun has changed sides, giving the shadow on the other side. In the same sequence, he is seen travelling on a dual-carriageway. But when he is shown waving at Myrtle at the rear of the coach, he is shown travelling along a three-laned road.

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Continuity mistake: On the closeup with Sid sitting on the chair, you see two knitting needles, one on either side of his jacket. When Hatty and Sid are in view, the jacket completely covers the knitting needles, next shot, closeup again, needles seen again. (00:18:40)

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Continuity mistake: A suited and booted chap with a flyaway mop of copper hair can be seen walking down the street when Bernie first pulls up outside the Spanners' house. Soon after, the same man can be seen across the road from the parked motorbike. A few seconds later, there he is again, back walking down the street behind Vic.

Continuity mistake: On the trip BACK from Brighton the coach stops at numerous pubs. You see the name of each pub they all stop at but the reflection on the side of the coach each time shows them getting off and on at the SAME place. (01:10:00)


Continuity mistake: When the coach pulls up Brighton where they are supposed to have their lunch Bernie is the first one out. In the shot before he is right at the back. Also, when he comes out the girl he was with is nowhere in sight.

Continuity mistake: The 1st scene with Hatty talking to the bird shows 1/2 of the lounge. There is a newspaper on the left side of the sofa leaning against the back of the sofa. When Sid sits down, the newspaper has gone completely. (00:17:40)


Continuity mistake: On the coach on the way to Brighton, look at the road they are on when Mr Lewis is chasing them. It turns to the left of the screen. In the next shot inside the coach the road is different and turns to the right. Also, when Mr Lewis waves when he is behind the coach you can see a shadow. But when Vic puts his arm around Myrtle the shadow disappears.

Continuity mistake: When Mrs Spanner serves Mr Coote his dish of steak and kidney pie, Mr Coote can be seen with his left hand on his face, but in a close-up of the dish, he now has both hands on his lap.


Continuity mistake: When Sid Plummer confronts W.C. Boggs in his office, they hear a commotion outside and go to the window to see what it is. The view from the window shows Vic Spanner being spanked over his mother's knee. In the next shot, Vic is rallying the pickets outside the main gate and his mother and the other women aren't there, although they turn up later in the same scene.


Continuity mistake: When Lewis and Myrtle are at The Whippit Inn, a waitress comes to their table to pick up their glasses and you can see there is a glass in front of Lewis. In the next shot, he is putting down his glass without him having picked it up.


Continuity mistake: During the lunch scene in Fred and Chloe's kitchen, the slab of butter on the dish is pointing to the left in long shots, but in close-ups of Fred, the butter is pointing to the right.


Continuity mistake: When Mr Plummer is testing the toilet in Mr Boggs' office, Mr Coote is holding a toilet roll holder in his right hand and the lid in his left hand. In close-ups of Mr Coote, he is holding the toilet roll holder and lid by his upper body, but in other shots, he is holding the holder and lid by his waist.

Continuity mistake: When Myrtle comes out of the hotel bathroom and says "'At long last' he said, under his breath", Myrtle takes her hands off her hips twice.

Continuity mistake: When Bernie revs his motorbike outside Mrs Spanner's house, there is a lady wearing a green dress walking down the street and nearly walks out of shot when we cut to Mrs Spanner shouting to Bernie out of the window. When we cut back to Bernie and Vic on the motorbike, the lady in the green dress can be seen walking past once again.

Continuity mistake: When Sid says "Just because I've had a bit of luck for a change" to Benny in the betting shop, Benny takes the cigar out of his mouth, but when the camera is behind Sid in the next shot, the cigar is back in Benny's mouth and he takes it out a second time.

Continuity mistake: In a full view of Vic rallying the pickets at the main gate outside W.C. Boggs and Son, Bernie is standing next to Vic and he has nothing in his hands, but in a close-up of Vic and Bernie in the next shot, Bernie is now holding a cricket bat.

Continuity mistake: When Fred is speaking to Chloe during the lunch scene, Fred's plate is right in front of him on the table but when Chloe says "I mean of Sid", we cut back to Fred and his plate has now moved further up.

Continuity mistake: When Sid goes over to the Joey's cage after he says his first chirp, Joey can be seen on the right on the perch, but in a close-up, he is now on the left.

Chloe Moore: Oh, hello Fred, Sid just give me a lift home.
Fred Moore: I hope that's all he gave you.

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Trivia: This was the first Carry On film to be a box-office failure and only broke even in 1978 after distribution rights and television deals.

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