Barb Wire

Continuity mistake: After finding Krebs, Barb handcuffs him, and he always remains cuffed. But after Barb shoots one bodyguard, and he falls out of the window, we see a shot of Krebs looking startled, and his hands are at either side of his legs - he is now uncuffed, although Barb never uncuffed him.

Continuity mistake: The order of the plugs on the cups of the clamped-on, electro-shock bra device the Woman in Torture Room is wearing change locations in different shots.

Continuity mistake: When Barb fights Kreb's bodyguards, one throws a chair at Barb, which misses, and hits a shelf. The shelf falls down onto a trolley-table, which is to the left of the shelf. In the next shot the trolley-table in to the right of the shelf. One shot is probably flipped.

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Continuity mistake: When Willis is sitting at Barb's office desk, talking to her while she changes behind the screen, his Cognac on the desk is almost finished. Later when he is about to leave, he picks up the drink, and it is a full Cognac again.

Continuity mistake: In one scene, Barb is using some glasses which inform her that Krebs is in the room next door. She has them on her head, but in the very next shot they are suddenly in her hand.

Continuity mistake: When Barb is saving the girl at the beginning she has to break a window so she throws a chair through it. Then she takes out a grappling hook and clears the extra glass but in the next shot the grappling hook is gone, but returns in the following shot.

Continuity mistake: When Barb goes to see Big Fatso with the lenses, she's got three ammo belts over her shoulders. The one over her right shoulder is under the two that are over her left shoulder meaning that she'd have to take off the two that are over her left shoulder before being able to take off the one that's over her right shoulder. Then Willis arrives with the Congressionals and he tells her to drop her weapons. When he tells her this, the ammo belts have switched places. The one that was over her right shoulder which used to be under the other two ammo belts is now over the other two ammo belts. Then in the next shot, as she's dropping her weapons, the ammo belts return to where they originally were.

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Continuity mistake: When Barb is fighting Kreb's bodyguards, one is walking through the hole in the mattress. In one shot you can see the floor of the room that the bodyguard is approaching - it is totally covered in small feathers from the mattress. But in the next shot as he enters the room, the floor is now free from feathers.

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Continuity mistake: When Barb is fighting Kreb's bodyguards, as she fights with the second one, she boots him to the floor, and them stands on his crotch. The bodyguard has blue suspenders on. In one shot one of his suspenders is unclipped and is lying across his body. In the next shot the suspender is now neatly clipped back onto his trousers. In addition the gray jacket he wears also changes position.

Continuity mistake: After Barb's battle van flips over, Axel and Willis shot at Colonel Pryzer from behind the van. Between three shots a fire appears, disappears and then reappears once again, right beside the van's rear tire.

Continuity mistake: When Cora D and Axel are hiding in the back of the car and two people are driving them, the cops then pull in, surrounding them, and the car's wipers are on. But later in the scene, between shots, the wipers are suddenly off.

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Continuity mistake: In Barb's war flashback we see her in a military uniform next to a helicopter that's about to take off. In some shots her left hand is on her helmet but in other shots it's at her side.

Continuity mistake: After recalling the information from Schmitz's bodyguard, Colonel Pryzer goes over to a corpse lying on a metal table, and lifts the sheet up to look under. He then puts the sheet down, yet in the next shot the sheet is positioned differently.

Continuity mistake: When Schmitz sneaks into Barb Wire's bar kitchen, to hide the retinal lenses, he knocks a metal bowl as he scuttles about, and it falls down, but lands on the base, upright. In the next shot the bowl is now on its side.

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Continuity mistake: There's a scene at the Hammerhead before it opens where Barb is lying down at a booth and she puts her empty glass on the table. The ice is almost all melted but in the next shot, a close-up as she pours herself some Wild Turkey, the glass is filled with new ice.

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Continuity mistake: When Barb is fighting with one of Krebs' bodyguards, he is in the other room, shooting at her through the hole in the wall. Barb then runs to the large table (turned on its side) and she has a gun in her right hand. But in the closeup, as she leaps over the table, the gun has vanished and both hands are empty. In the next shot it has returned, for her to begin shooting again.

Continuity mistake: When Barb masquerades as a hooker, her john gets dressed in a leather body suit very quickly. It would take much longer to change into that.

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Continuity mistake: When Barb is fighting Krebs' bodyguards she opens the refrigerator door and throws one of the bodyguards into it. He lands halfway in so she closes the door as much as she can and shoots the guy twice through the door but in the next shot the bullet holes have disappeared. A few shots later however the bullet holes return but this time there's three instead of two.

Continuity mistake: When Barb is hiding behind the table turned on its side, and she is shooting at the bodyguard, she kicks one of the table legs off. The table leg then falls to the floor and rolls in front of the table. However when it cuts to bodyguard looking through the hole, the table leg has vanished from the floor.

Continuity mistake: In the opening credit shots, Barb is dancing and getting sprayed with water, with her breasts hanging out of her leather suit. In all shots her breasts/neck are dripping wet, but in at least one shot, her breasts/neck are dry.

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Revealing mistake: When Barb is in the bubble bath, you can see the strap from a G-string she is wearing.

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Barb Wire: Did you wash your hands?
Ruben: No. I was bad.

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