Grind (2003)

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Other mistake: For the entire length of the movie, Bam Magera is referred to as Bam. But in the credits, his character's listed as Chad.

Continuity mistake: When Eric is battling the wigger kid on the halfpipe, the wigger's skateboard changes. When he's just standing on the top of the ramp, it's a World Industries board, but when he's doing tricks it's an almost all black skateboard.

Continuity mistake: When the four main characters clean out all the debris in the motel's dry pool, the sunlight angle doesn't change at all, even though it had to be several hours' worth of work.

Continuity mistake: When the guy takes a receipt out of the trash, a little kid throws up all over him and the receipt. In the next shot, there is throw up all over the receipt, but both he and the ground are clean.

Continuity mistake: When Sweet Lou is making out with the chick who steals his car, a kid walks up and starts to talk to him so he rolls down the window. The window goes from up to down several times.

Factual error: When they paint the van with spray paint, look at the box of paint cans, they do not match all the colors on the van, also, there is a smooth shine on the van, but if you just painted it with spray paint it would be rough. Also, if you painted an entire van with spray paint in 10 seconds it would not have anytime to dry, but when you look at the van it is perfectly dry.

Continuity mistake: When Eric Rivers is skateboarding in the motel's dry pool, the first few shots showing the drain you see it covered by a duct-taped "lifeguard on duty" sign. In the last shot, the sign is gone.

Continuity mistake: Just before Eric and the Wigger guy have their one on one battle near the end of the movie, just as they start walking up the ramp, neither of them has their helmet on and are loosely carrying them in their hand. The shot cuts, and they both instantly have their helmets strapped on as they reach the top of the ramp.


Audio problem: When the boys are in the club, as the music comes on just before they start dancing to their song, we hear Dustin say, "I don't like this song", but his mouth movements don't match that sentence.


Dustin: Lil Bow Wow, you keep barkin', you and I are gonna take a one way walk into the woods.

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