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Corrected entry: When Tess is in a talk show, you can see set lights on grandpa's glasses.


Correction: They're the lights from the TV studio filming the show!

Brad Premium member

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, Ann Coleman gets an "F" and a "Preposterous" on her essay. The essay is actually rather good. Perhaps the reason that she got an "F" is because she copied it from this website: (00:04:10)

Correction: The reason she got an F was discovered later on - after Anna and Dr. Coleman switch bodies and Dr. Coleman (in Anna's body) goes to school and takes her English class. Dr. Coleman realises at the end of class that the English teacher is giving Anna bad grades because because Dr. Coleman turned down the teacher when they were younger to a high school dance and is now taking it out on Dr. Coleman's daughter, Anna.

Corrected entry: When Anna (still herself) arrives home from school, she finds her brother in her room playing with her guitar. The camera moves down the house to the open garage door, showing the faces of the confused teens. Seconds later, when they start to play, the garage door is closed.

Correction: It would have taken more than three seconds for Anna to pull the underwear on her brother's head. They could have closed the garage door in that short amount of time.

Corrected entry: Jamie Lee Curtis (being possessed by her daughter) is playing the guitar towards the end of the movie, so Lindsay Lohan (being possessed by her mother) looks like *she* is actually playing it. However, since Lindsay Lohan's body is obviously not playing even remotely the same notes being heard by the teen audience (and furthermore, her fellow bandmates) in the movie, how come everybody seems to think she is?


Correction: Teen audiences normally don't pay attention to the way people's fingers move on the guitar, they just listen to the music. Or the ones who do pay attention don't care. The ones in the far back can't even really tell.

Corrected entry: When Anna (in Tess' body) and Jake are at the cafe discussing music and bands, and they start singing "Baby One More Time," the black gentleman at the table behind them looks at them like they're crazy, then turns back to his newspaper, then it cuts to a wide shot, and he's instantly looking at them again.

Correction: Maybe the black gentlemen spun around to look at them again because they were annoying him or maybe it was because he wanted to decide whether he was seeing/hearing things.

Corrected entry: Just after Tess and Anna scream after realizing they've switched, you hear Tess (in Anna) say she wants her body back, then Anna (in Tess) say "And I don't want mine. My wedding's tomorrow." She doesn't want it back?

Correction: She says, "And I don't want mine?" She was being sarcastic. She does want her body back.


Corrected entry: How is it that a guy working at a high school and a coffee shop can afford a Ducati motorcycle? The average price for a Ducati is around $10-15 thousand. His parents can't have bought it, as if they were that generous he wouldn't be working two jobs.


Correction: Parents could pay half and he has to pay the other half. There are also payment plans for vehicles. An adult can sign for the plan while the kid pays for it. Many parents do this for their kids so the kid has transportation but isn't getting it for free.

Corrected entry: When Anna and Tess are getting dressed for the wedding rehearsal, Anna (Tess) makes Tess (Anna) take out the earring from her ear, that she got pierced hours before. When she does this there is no sign of pain, redness, or blood that would occur after pulling out a fresh piercing.

Correction: Not every person has that reaction. It's only cartilage as well, not the earlobe, but up high. That area doesn't react the same either, for anyone.

Corrected entry: When "Anna" discovers that "Tess" has pierced her ear, she orders her to remove the earring and Tess does. The next day at the wedding, "Tess" has the earring back in her ear. This would have been impossible unless she re-pierced her ear - which stores will not do. Earrings must be left in for at least six weeks before removing/changing them.

Correction: I have 9 piercings. I have removed them multiple times before the time allowed. They don't always close up and sometimes they start to and it is possible to "push" the post through (with some pain).

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: When Lindsay Lohan walks into the garage she picks up her guitar, plugs it in, and immediately starts playing.However, if the amp was already on, it would have made a loud buzzing noise when the plug touched the metal, and we never see anyone else turn it on. (00:10:10)

Correction: While it's hard to do, it is possible to plug your guitar in without the buzzing noise. I just did it 3 times with my set up.

Ssiscool Premium member

Corrected entry: The first time we see Anna's band, when they practice in the garage, the wire that connects to Anna's guitar keeps changing from black to bright blue.

Jennifer 1

Correction: The guitar lead is black with blue support near the jack. In some shots you can only see the blue part.

Ssiscool Premium member

Corrected entry: When Jake and Anna are at his motorcycle after she has completed her test. He tells her that it was mean of her to change the other girl's test answers. When the camera is behind (and to the side of) Anna, her jaw is not moving, yet there is obviously a dubbed line added as you hear her voice.

Jack's Revenge

Correction: Actually, her lips do move, just not too much.

Correction: Harry probably could see out of the underwear when he ran to Tess. Tess was trying to get them off and they could have moved, thus Harry couldn't see the door.

Corrected entry: When the dentist calls to confirm an appointment for a root canal, Anna (in Tess's body) cancels the appointment because she did not want to have the root canal for Tess. Dentists only call on the day before or on the day of to confirm an appointment, and Tess is getting married the next day. How many people with a Doctor's level of intelligence schedule a root canal that close to their wedding?

Reservoir Dog

Correction: This was a Friday so the appointment could have been on Monday (next business day).

Corrected entry: When Anna's band is rehearsing, her hair goes from frizzy and tangled in one shot to smooth in the next.

Correction: Actually, Anna's hair is smooth the whole time they are rehearsing. It is tangled and frizzy when she is chasing her brother around the house and then changes to smooth when she goes to the garage to rehearse. That isn't a mistake either though, because she could have quickly brushed it before coming out.

Corrected entry: The entire time Ryan is on the set of The Dottie Robertson Show he is wearing a maroon tie. In the next scene while he is driving home from the Dottie Robertson Show studio he sees Tess on the motorcycle with Jake. In this scene his tie is blue.

Correction: It's not straight after the Dottie Robertson Show, it's a little later, he is actually in his wedding rehearsal outfit.

Corrected entry: At the beginning in the Chinese restaurant, Anna runs into the toilets and locks the door, leaving Tess out. They crack open their fortune cookies, read them and feel the earthquake. When they get to the table, they ask Harry, Ryan and Grandpa about the earthquake. They all claim that they felt nothing. At the rehearsal dinner, after Tess's speech, there is another earthquake. Everyone in the room feels it this time.

Correction: In the first scene, both Anna and Tess were in different rooms than everyone else; the effect was felt only where the both of them were. In the second one, they're with the crowd, so everyone feels it.


Corrected entry: When Anna's band is performing at the House of Blues, during the song two harmony notes on the "ooos" can be heard. This wouldn't be possible since Anna isn't singing.

Correction: I listened that is surely ONE person being heard. What the microphone does to your voice can make it sound a little weird.

Corrected entry: In the last scene Tess (In Anna's Body) Is crying because of cancelling the wedding. Surely her makeup would have smudged if she was crying.

Correction: Depends on the make up. There are some really good waterproof products out now.

Jack's Revenge

Corrected entry: When Anna's band is playing early in the movie, Tess goes to the breaker box and searches for the one that goes to the garage before turning it off. One of the band members immediately says "Not again!" and Tess says something like "(Anna) hates it when I pull the plug..." to her fiancee, both statements indicating that Tess has done this many times before. Why, then, did she have to search for the breaker to the garage? (00:13:05)

Correction: Because even when you perform a task many times over, your mind still slips sometimes. I work in a video store and we have to repeat due dates constantly but sometimes, even after repeating the same days over and over, you forget for a second.

Continuity mistake: When Dr. Coleman wakes up in Anna's body, as Lindsey Lohan exits her room her bedroom door is still removed, but a few seconds after she runs out of the room after Harry the door has been re-attached.

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Question: Why do Tess and Anna not switch bodies at the Chinese Restaurant? At the end when 'selfless love' changes them back, they switch right away. Why did this not happen at the start?

Answer: You need to think back to the poem... "A journey soon begins, its prize reflected in another's eyes. When what you see is what you lack, then selfless love will change you back." It says a journey SOON begins, not immediately, and it says "WHEN what you see...change you back". Basically the switch happens SOON, the switch back happens IMMEDIATELY.

Answer: If you watch the trailer of the movie, they do switch at the Chinese restaurant.

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