The Slipper and the Rose

Corrected entry: When the King is giving the Prince the medal at the beginning, he asks the Lord Chamberlain who wrote the speech, to which the Chamberlain says that he (the King) did. Wouldn't the King have recognised his own handwriting?

Correction: Think of the scene where he has the proclamation created. "Let it be known to all throughout the land that it is our will that who so ever shall try on this slipper (It really is quite danty. Half the size of your mother's) and shall find it a perfect fit." yet the offical proclimation doesn't include some of the information. Similarly, the king may have just said the information to the lord chamberlain who then had it written up by a scribe. Kings rarely penned anything themselves.

Factual error: In the scene where Cinderella is in her new room at the Prince's castle, the roses prominently displayed in the foreground are brightly coloured Hybrid Tea roses (the pointy ones) which were not bred until the early 20th Century. In the 1700s (panniered skirts and powdered hair) the roses would have been of looser formation, with softer colours, e.g pink or cream cabbage roses. (These roses also appear in later scenes.)

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Fairy Godmother: You're not meant to understand it. You're meant to accept it. Graciously.

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Question: Why doesn't the King enjoy seeing his nephew (the Prince's cousin) when he arrives near the beginning of the film to congratulate the Prince?

Answer: For the same reason everyone else is unhappy to see him: He's getting on their nerves!


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