The Slipper and the Rose

Factual error: In the scene where Cinderella is in her new room at the Prince's castle, the roses prominently displayed in the foreground are brightly coloured Hybrid Tea roses (the pointy ones) which were not bred until the early 20th Century. In the 1700s (panniered skirts and powdered hair) the roses would have been of looser formation, with softer colours, e.g pink or cream cabbage roses. (These roses also appear in later scenes.)

Continuity mistake: When Cinderella is running away after losing her slipper, she lifts her skirt, and she is wearing only stockings. In the next scene when she is singing a reprise of "He Danced With Me", she starts dancing, and she is wearing her normal shoes.

Fairy Godmother: You're not meant to understand it. You're meant to accept it. Graciously.

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Question: For 40 years I have wondered why there were two sets of slippers. In the scene after the ball and Edward is holding the lost slipper, the king remarks how small it is, he could have tried them, and they would have fitted. Later in the glass case we see the real small slipper.

Answer: It's the same slipper, after failing to find Cinderella, the Prince erects that monument to his lost love.

Answer: I have paused the movie several times and there are 2 different pairs of slippers. One pair is low cut, barely covering the foot. The other pair is higher up on the foot. The second pair was used for the screens of the slipper being tried on all the girls as well as in the case and when she finds it in the grass. But the close-ups are of the low cut shoes. You can't tell me I don't know what I'm talking about because I've been picking apart movies since I was a kid and I'm 63 years old now.

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