Other mistake: Brandon is wearing gloves but Phillip is not when they kill David. Afterwards, Brandon removes gloves from Phillip's hands.

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Suggested correction: This is incorrect. Both men are wearing gloves; Brandon's are a medium brown and Phillip's are tan.

Continuity mistake: When David is killed in the very first scene, the two men lay him neatly in the big chest, the rope does not hang out the side. But then one man bends over and discovers the rope halfway hanging out of the side of the chest. Plus it was knotted around David's neck anyway, so couldn't have been yanked out, it would have had to be untied.

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Rupert Cadell: Well, well, well, Kenneth Lawrence, how you've grown.
Kenneth: Hello, uh, Mr.
Rupert Cadell: Come on, Ken. School's out, you can say it.
Kenneth: Rupert, you're the same as ever. It's awfully good to see you again.
Rupert Cadell: Why?

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Trivia: This was the first film in colour directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

Dr Wilson

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