The Replacement Killers
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Meg Coburn: You know, you could've saved yourself a lot of trouble just by doing that third job.
John Lee: It was wrong. Mr. Wei was taking revenge. A man named Zedkov killed his son.
Meg Coburn: Zedkov? Jesus Christ. You're getting yourself killed for a cop?
John Lee: Not a cop. His son.
Meg Coburn: What?
John Lee: A seven-year-old boy.
Meg Coburn: Why?
John Lee: That's how Mr. Wei deals with his enemies. Through their families.

Wei: Do not confuse luck with skill.

John Lee: It will be the last death I cause.

Meg Coburn: So you didn't want to kill a kid. Welcome to the human race.

Continuity mistake: When John and Meg are trying to escape the carwash in the car, in some shots the back window of the car is totally missing and in others there is a large section of shattered glass still there. (00:41:24)


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Trivia: This movie set the record for most bullets fired in an American film.

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