The Spanish Prisoner

Joe realises that Jimmy left fingerprints on the tennis book and leaves the airport security line before the a gun is revealed to be in his carry on bag (planted by Susan). She wants him to be stopped by the police. He tries to travel on a boat, but the ticket Susan gave him earlier is not for the islands but for Venezuela (we learned earlier in the movie that Venezuela has a non-extradition treaty). At the boat, Susan is revealed as an associate of Jimmy and all the plain was conducted by Mr. Klein, Joe's boss. Jimmy appears and tries to kill Joe. Joe talks to the Japanese tourist, which is actually an officer. The Japanese Girl, another police officer, shoots a tranquilizer on him. Jimmy and Susan are arrested. Susan asks Joe to do a good action to her, because he was a boy scout (this indicates that maybe she stole his boy scout knife and killed the other guy). Joe refuses and he is next to the boat. The movie ends.


Continuity mistake: When Joe realises that Jimmy isn't turning up at the park he goes to a pay phone, puts the red notebook down with the spine faceing to the right and starting phoning the FBI. In the next shot the the notebook has rotated 90 degrees with the spine now facing the wall. (01:06:45)


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Jimmy Dell: Do the American thing.
Joe Ross: What's that?
Jimmy Dell: Marry a rich widow.
Joe Ross: We used to say, a nymphomaniac who owns a liquor store.

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