Trivia: When Box is watching TV and is beeped to go to work, he is actually watching an episode of the original S.W.A.T. TV series.

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Trivia: When you see the Frenchie driving around in L.A, the music playing is Linkin Park. You see The French person look up and see a massive screen with faces being flashed by. It's the video for Cure For The Itch (the remixed version), also by Linkin Park

Trivia: When the French guy is being arrested after his first escape attempt, he is pressed face down onto one of the famous Hollywood Stars, specifically, Alex Trebeck's star. Alex Trebeck provides part of the voice over of this scene (playing a news reporter covering the story).


Trivia: The whole bank robbery scene from the beginning of the movie, with the 2 guys with AK-47 shooting at all those police officers, seems like the North Hollywood bank shootout of 1997. In fact some of the radio calls ("There's nothing we have that can stop them.") are from the actual event, as is some of the footage. The movie scene is loosely based on this event. They had 2 guys in full body armor shooting back at police officers, while getting hit with so many bullets, without even flinching. The real thing ended with one of the guys being finally shot in the head. The other one was injured and ended his own life before police could close in on him.

Trivia: Rod Perry played Deacon Kay's father in the movie. Rod Perry was Deacon Kay in the TV Show.


Trivia: Director Clark Johnson appears in the film briefly as Deke Kay's beat partner. In the credits, he's known as "Deke's Handsome Partner."

Trivia: Hondo Harrelson, Jim Street, Deacon Kay and T.J. McCabe were the names of the S.W.A.T. team members in the movie as well as the TV Show. The only one not in the movie that was in the TV Show was Dominic Luca.


Trivia: The actor that played TJ in the original TV series, was the actor that played the bus driver who was shot in the head in the movie.

Trivia: When the SWAT team is preparing to move Montel to federal custody, Deke jokes that with Montel's $100 million reward to anyone who freed him, he could hire Halle Berry to be his yoga instructor. Olivier Martinez, who plays Montel, and Berry married in 2012. (01:10:30)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where the guys are betting that Jim Street can beat TJ in shooting practice, TJ takes off his glasses and talks to Hondo; in the next shot they're back on his face and he takes them off again.

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Street: Bad day, huh?
Beat-up Latino Thug: Kiss my ass, ese.

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Question: What song plays while Montel is driving away after killing his "uncle"?

Answer: Figure.09 by Linkin Park

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