Veronica Guerin

Traynor calls John Gilligan and tells him where Veronica (Cate Blanchett) will be the next day. On the following day (June 26th, 1996), after leaving a courthouse, Gilligan's goons follow Veronica and then kill her when she stops at a red light. Veronica's death sparked the Irish community into action and more people joined the anti drug marches. Parliament modifies the Constitution and freezes the assets of those suspected of drug trafficking; also: the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) was formed and it took away assets from criminal suspects. Charles Bowden, one of Gilligan's goons, became the first to enter the Witness Protection Program in Ireland. Brian Meehan and John Gilligan are arrested and later sent to prison. John Traynor fled to Portugal but was later extradited to Ireland. The last scene of the film is Veronica's funeral and then a photo of the real Veronica is shown.


Factual error: When the two Gardai (Police officers) are watching over Guerin's house after she was shot in the leg they are sitting in their car drinking coffee from Starbucks disposable cups. Starbucks did not enter the Irish market until long after the events dipected in this film. In Ireland at that time it would be more likely that they would be drinking tea out of a flask.

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Veronica Guerin: You'd do the same. If you saw those kids on the street, you would do the same.

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