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Mimic is an effective science-fiction horror film directed by Guillermo del Toro that pits hapless humans against large, murderous bugs that were created during an attempt to use genetic engineering to solve a crisis that then further evolved, making them large, vicious and able to "resemble" in low-light conditions humans in long coats. The bugs, resembling a cross between mantis and cockroach, are grotesque and frightening. The story revolves around efforts trying to prevent the monstrous insects from escaping the subways, breeding uncontrollably and eating everyone they meet! Good monster fun.

Erik M.

A novel and entertaining monster flick, "Mimic" is an early sign of director Guillermo del Toro's talent and charisma as a filmmaker. While it lacks the nuance of his later work, it is nonetheless fun, stylish and oft-effective. A splendid creature-feature through and though.


Continuity mistake: Peter walks into the bathroom holding a box of Chinese and a bottle of wine. He puts them down and hugs Sarah. She falls backwards into the bath and now he too is holding a glass of cloudy looking water. (00:08:25)


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Susan Tyler: They mimic us. We mimic them.

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Trivia: Director Guillermo del Toro disowned the theatrical edition after repeated creative clashes with producer Bob Weinstein, who notoriously made numerous and often unreasonable demands of the production, including dictating which scenes del Toro could shoot and forcing del Toro to cut several key sequences in editing, which lead to to many of the intended themes of the film becoming lost. Years later, del Toro was granted permission to use what little deleted footage could be recovered to make a pseudo director's cut that re-instated several key scenes absent in previously released versions. Guillermo del Toro has since said that he is proud of and enjoys this second edition of the film, as it is closer to his intended vision, though it is still missing some sequences that he wasn't allowed to film.

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