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Corrected entry: In the scene where Stifler has "fed" the ring to the dog he is waiting for the dog which swallowed it to go to the toilet to pass it through. When the dog has done this he takes the case from the chocolate cake he is eating to pick up the dogs 'business' and the cake is then lying face down on his plate in the next shot the cake is then the right way up again. (01:04:55)

Correction: The only item visible on the plate after he tips the cake over is the grapes. You can't see the cake.

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Correction: This is a character choice not a mistake. Stifler being Stifler, he could easily have had some crazy idea for a bachelor party on the middle of Lake Michigan (island, rented party boat, or his gung-ho nature doesn't care about an errant marker).


Corrected entry: In the opening shot on the morning of the wedding, the sun is rising over what is supposed to be Lake Michigan. Since Grand Traverse County and Michigan in general is on the east side of Lake Michigan, this is not possible.

Correction: Grand Traverse County is landlocked on 3 sides, with only the North side on the water. However, part of that north side is a 1-mile wide peninsula that juts out northward several miles into Grand Traverse Bay. From that peninsula, both sunrises and sunsets would be over the waters of the bay. Please see for a detailed county map.

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Corrected entry: A big deal is made throughout the film that Jim can't dance and must learn before the wedding. However in the previous films, (mainly at the final party from American Pie 2) Jim is shown dancing with no problems at all.

Correction: There is a big difference between dancing at a party and formal dancing (like you do at weddings). Jim might be able to dance to a pop tune, but that does not mean he knows waltz.


Corrected entry: When the bride's parents walk in through the door to see the daughter's future husband's parents, the dad walks in on the right, and the mom on the left. The camera shot changes, then goes back to them and they have changed positions.

Correction: No, they don't. They stay in the same position untill they turn around Jim's parents.


Corrected entry: Cadence is already in the hotel when she agrees to meet Stifler in the closet in 10 minutes (second time around), so why is she walking outside a few minutes later when her mother stops her to talk to her about the wedding? (01:26:05)


Correction: It's possible that Cadence had an errand to run during the 10 minutes before she was due to meet Stiffler and she had to leave the hotel to do it.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Stifler and Jim are at Jim's engagement party, the engagment cake gets squashed onto Stifler's crotch. A few shots later when Michelle's parents' dog comes running in, he is holding the cake and it is not damaged. Then it gets squashed onto his face.

Correction: Only the corner of the cake gets squashed against his crotch; if you look closely you'll see that most of the cake is still intact. The rest of the cake is squashed onto his face in the next shot.

Corrected entry: At the bachelors party, one of the girls is called "Fräulein Brandy", yet in one scene Finch says to her: "Anything for a French person - if you insist Fräulein." Finch, sophisticated as he is, would know that "Fräulein" is a German word, not a French on

Correction: He's making a joke

Corrected entry: In the scene where Stifler is replacing all the destroyed flowers, he pulls up at the florist's house and there is smoke coming out of the exhaust indicating a cold engine even though he drove for three hours to replace the flowers.

Correction: He could easily have been driving a faulty car with a bad exaust.

Corrected entry: There is no explanation anywhere in this film as to where the other friends went (Oz, Heather, Vicki).

Correction: This is one of many lost stories; Oz and Heather's was one where they were going through trouble. Oz isn't in it because he was doing work in Europe and it wouldn't have been cost effective to fly him over.

Corrected entry: When Michelle's parents first show Kevin, Finch and Stifler the wedding ring, there is a close up of it. It is a gold band with diamonds in it. Later, the ring is shown from a distance. It is now a band with a large diamond setting that bears a striking resemblance to Michelle's engagement ring. Later when Stifler has the ring, it has returned to its original appearance.

Correction: This technically isn't a mistake as the director knew that he was doing it but the wedding ring wasn't sparkly enough so it had to be replaced with the engagement ring. This is explained on the audio commentaries.

Corrected entry: Michelle and Jim came from the same high school, so why is it that her parents flew in for the wedding from out of town and had never met anyone from Jim's hometown?

Correction: She could have been living with relatives for any number of reasons. I had a friend in high school whose parents lived a state away and she lived with her grandmother.


Corrected entry: When Finch is listening in on the sisters in the toilet, he climbs onto the toilet seat to hear, but when they realise someone is there they look up toward the roof, but Finch should be below them.

Correction: The sound is traveling through the air vents overhead, the bathrooms are next to each other. So the noise would come from over head for the sisters.

Corrected entry: When Finch and Kevin open the linen closet door and see Stifler having sex with Jim's grandmother, Stifler says "Close the door." Finch then replies, "Okay Jim." Clearly he should had said, "Okay Stifler".

Correction: He clearly said "OK then", not "OK Jim".


Corrected entry: In the very last scene where the two guys are looking in at Stifler's mom in the bathtub and then they see Finch in there with her, the window starts to fog up blocking their view. Wouldn't the window have already fogged up? It's not like it fogged up in the heat of passion.

Correction: A nearby exhaust vent for what is probably a clothes dryer starts putting out steam which condensed on the window, and because they don't want to draw attention to themselves, they can't just wipe off the steam.

Corrected entry: in the bachelor party scene, how the hell can Finch get showered off, completely dried and change clothes in roughly 3 minutes?

Correction: Finch doesn't get showered off.If you look carefully there is still chocolate sauce visible on the left side of his neck near his ear.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Stifler, Finch, Cadence and Kevin are preparing to head north for the wedding, Finch gets in the back seat of Kevin's car to be with Cadence. She then leaves to ride with Stifler. It shows Cadence getting into Stifler's car, and we still see Finch in the back seat of Kevin's. The very next shot is Kevin driving away, and Finch has magically moved to the front seat.


Correction: There is an obvious time difference. In the time that it takes Stifler to get in the car and start it up, Finch could climb into the front seat.

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Visible crew/equipment: Right before the wedding Michelle is talking to Jim's father about her vows. Behind them on a table there is a mirror and you can see the arm of a crew member reflected in it several times. (01:21:35)

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Stifler: It's time for me to boom boom with the bridesmaids, Finch fucker, cuz I'm gonna hang out with my wang out, and I'm gonna rock out with my cock out!

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Trivia: At the rehearsal dinner, Eugene Levy winces when Fred Willard wishes the bride and groom "many happy shivas" together. A shiva is the traditional Jewish ritual of mourning the loss of an immediate family member.

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Question: Hey, does anyone know why Oz didn't make it into this movie? I may have missed some spot in the plot which tells why but I dunno. Thanks.

Answer: They never mentioned it, I think they just wanted us to assume that since it has been a few years they just lost touch with each other. Alot of people are no longer friends with poeple after college that they where friends with when college started.


Answer: In-movie, there was a scene where Jim stated that he spoke to Oz in Spain, where he was with Heather, and he wouldn't be able to make the wedding. However, that scene did not make the final cut. Real-world answer; the producers and writers just didn't include the character (among several others from the first two that weren't in this one, including Vicky, Heather, Sherman, and Nadia, to name a few). There was a rumor going around the internet that it was a scheduling conflict, but Chris Klein clarified that he would have done it if asked.

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