The Return of the Pink Panther

Dreyfus orders Clouseau to arrest Lady Litton, but doesn't tell him what the charge is. Clouseau calls Francois to confirm the order, but is told that Dreyfus has been gone for weeks. Charles Litton arrives at the hotel and goes to his wife's room, where it turns out that she is the real thief. Col. Sharky of the Lugash Government has followed Charles however, and decides to kill both the Littons and take the diamond himself. Clouseau then arrives, and tries to dissuade Sharky from killing them, but is unsuccessful. The three end up being accidently saved by Dreyfus (who has finally gone totally insane) when he tries to kill Clouseau with a sniper rife, but kills Sharky instead. Dreyfus is committed, and replaced by Clouseau, who goes to a Japanese restaurant to celebrate with Francois. Their dinner is interrupted by Cato, who shows up dressed like a Japanese waitress and attacks Clouseau, causing extensive damage to the restaurant. Clouseau berates Cato and goes to attack him while his back is turned - only to miss and destroy the kitchen.


Revealing mistake: The newspaper says that the Pink Panther was stolen on 24th January. The scenes of Gstaad, in the Swiss alps, were obviously not filmed in January. The temperature in Gstaad gets up to about 5°C/41°F in January yet people are shown wearing light clothing with bare arms. (00:53:05)


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Dreyfus: You are suspended for six months, without pay, effective immediately! Have you anything to say?
Clouseau: Could you lend me fifty francs?

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