The War

Revealing mistake: In one of the war flashbacks Stephen carries the wounded Dodge through a trench. They pass by a screaming pig, but in slow motion you can see that it's just a motionless carcass. (01:01:05)


Revealing mistake: Billy buys about 20 bars of ice-cream, carries them home, and is shown lying in the yard, nibbling slowly on almost the last of them which is still cold and solid. (01:18:20)


Revealing mistake: In one of the war flashbacks Stephen approaches a helicopter that is about to take off. You hear the rotor move fast, but the grass around the helicopter is completely still. (01:02:00)


Plot hole: Stephen dies after he was "taken off machines", at least so his wife tells the kids. But when he was shown in the hospital he was attached to no life-supporting machines except an oxygen tube in his nose. (01:33:25)


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Lidia: What are you thinking?
Stu: If dad's watching... he can go now.
Lidia: He is watching.

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