Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over
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Dinky Winks: Somebody ring the Dinkster?

Juni: I never even got her e-mail address.

The Guy: I'm the guy.

Juni: I'm trying to reach level 2.

Grandfather: It's not about whether your winning or losing.
Toymaker: It's how you play... the game.

Juni: Arnold, you should know, when we reach Level 5.
Arnold: Don't tell me. I want it to be a surprise.
Juni: Believe me, it will.

Gerti Giggles: Remember, everyone's your family.

The Guy: Cake.

Juni: I can't beat you, Arnold.
Arnold: I know.

Juni: Why is it that every video game has lava in it?
Francis: Technically, that's not true. There's no lava in Halo. And in Metroid, it's molten magma.

Carmen: She's the reason why this level is unwinable. She's the deceiver.

Juni: You sound close?
Carmen: I am.

Toymaker: This childish game will soon be over. And then the real game will begin.

Toymaker: Game... Over.

Carmen: Juni, she's not real.

Toymaker: I'm taking this to the next level.

Factual error: Dinky Winks has a branding iron that says 'Dinky' when it faces out, but we should be reading it backwards. When he uses this brand, then it will be backwards.

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Trivia: Most of the movie was done on only fifteen feet of green screen.

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Question: Why does Carmen answer Juni's question by saying "my feet stink?" Is this a reference to another movie?

Answer: In the 2nd Spy Kids film, when they can read each other's minds, Juni proves it by thinking Carmen's feet stink, at which point she smells her shoe and agrees.

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