Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life

Lara shoots her friend, the bad guy dies in acid and she leaves Pandora's Box alone.


Factual error: In beginning scene with the shark, it growls when it sees Lara. C'mon, how many sharks actually growl? (00:14:15)

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Lara: I'm laughing at the fact I used to find you charming.
Terry: I am charming.

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Trivia: The tribe at the end of the film was actually a real tribe, not actors.

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Question: Pandora's box has already been opened according to legend thats why there is bad in the world so why does it matter if anyone gets hold of the box.

Answer: As the movie sets out, that is the "Sunday school" version of the story. Within the movie, the legend is based on an artifact that not only bestowed life upon the earth but also slew all who opened it with horrible disease, gaining a reputation for containing the essences of both "good" and "evil."


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