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Trivia: When Burnett and Lowrey take a car to chase the van, the driver is American footballer Dan Marino. The driver of the red and white car who stops and calls Burnett a freak is the film's director Michael Bay. (01:22:35)

Trivia: The mansion that is blown up at the end of the film was an actual mansion in Delray Beach, Fl. The person who bought the property didn't want the house, only the land it was on. They offered it to any production company that would blow it up and pay to clear the land. A link to a news story about this is included here. (02:11:25)

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Trivia: When Mike and Marcus pull up in front of the Captain's house after they visit the mortuary look at the traffic light. They just ran a red light. (01:46:10)


Trivia: While filming the Macarthur Causeway chase in Miami, a stunt car wiped out, slamming into several street light poles.


Trivia: Just after the huge car chase, as Syd pulls to a stop, note the massive sign next to her - Chase construction. (00:36:55)

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Trivia: When filming the amazing car chase on the bridge, on the first time filming the sequence, when one of the cars flew off the big rig, it ran right into a camera car and the car's bumper minorly injured one of the camera operators filming that sequence.

Trivia: John Salley, a former NBA player, makes a cameo as the tall tech guy in the police department.


Trivia: The surveillance van is disguised as Coachman Tile with a phone number 305-688-1315. That is a real business in Miami and that is their actual phone number. (01:11:40)

Trivia: When Mike and Marcus are in the video store, the woman with her children criticizes both men for what was mistakenly heard. This same woman played a similar part in I, Robot where she criticized Will Smith about the robots.

Continuity mistake: When Mike and Marcus are being chased in the Hummer, the windshield gets cracked. During the entire scene the windshield goes from being cracked, to being new again, to being cracked, etc. (02:11:20 - 02:16:20)


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Mike Lowrey: We ride together, we die together. Bad boys for life.

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Question: Can anyone give me the title of the song in the Captain's house when Mike and Marcus enter (Marcus drugged, etc.)? It's a song like Bossa Nova Lounge or something like that.

Answer: Buick Blackhawk concept car.

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