The Fury
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Peter Sandza: I killed her. I knew I would, the first time I said "Hello."

Mother Nuckells: I'd say I'm pretty sound, considering the ravages o' time. For instance, I don't have the use of any more than one of my limbs or vital organs. Good thing the Lord God Jehovah built in so many spare parts.

Vivian Nuckells: I told you we should have moved to Melrose Park! Harry, this wouldn't be happening if we moved to Melrose Park.

Peter Sandza: Mother Nuckells, I'd appreciate it if you didn't untie 'em until after "MASH" is over.
Mother Nuckells: "MASH"? I won't untie 'em until after "Sunrise Semester."

Continuity mistake: When Robin approaches the Ferris-wheel-type ride with the Arabs on it, there is a closeup of all the light tubes on the central knob going out and exploding. For the rest of the sequence, the lights are still on and unbroken.


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