The Fury

The Fury (1978)

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Continuity mistake: When Gillian escapes from the facility, Hester runs out the door after her and collides with the guard coming from the opposite direction. For a second, they rebound in opposite directions, then it cuts and she falls on top of him (the same direction).


Continuity mistake: When Robin approaches the Ferris-wheel-type ride with the Arabs on it, there is a closeup of all the light tubes on the central knob going out and exploding. For the rest of the sequence, the lights are still on and unbroken.


Continuity mistake: When Gillian deliberately kills the woman with her powers in the bedroom, she has her arms and fingers tautly extended. In alternating shots, Gillian is shown from the front, then the woman is shown from behind one of Gillian's hands. As the shots switch back and forth, Gillian raises her hands to almost horizontal, yet in the shots of the woman her hand remains almost vertical.


Plot hole: On the roof Peter is trying to help Robin to climb up, but then lets go and Robin falls to the ground. Moments before, Robin had been floating in mid air via his own telekinesis - why doesn't he do it again and save himself?


Peter Sandza: I killed her. I knew I would, the first time I said "Hello."

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