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Solaris is a psychological Science Fiction film that explores existence, guilt, life, death, resurrection and how woefully unprepared humankind might be for alien contact. George Clooney plays a psychiatrist astronaut sent to find out what happened to a space station that is studying a world it orbits around. He discovers what's left of the crew after what appears to be strange murders and suicides. What follows is a painfully slow-moving tale where dreams mesh with memories and re-created individuals, including what appears to be the psychiatrist's dead wife, played by Natascha McElhone. Haunted by the circumstances surrounding their tumultuous relationship and her death, and struggling to comprehend what's happened and happening on the space station, the psychiatrist slowly spirals toward the planet psychologically and physically. Not for everyone, and actually not a space romance, it's more like big concept Science Fiction such as Contact or Arrival with disintegrating relationships and a opportunity at a second chance.

Erik M.

Continuity mistake: When Rheya comes with Kelvin to his apartment her hair is parted on the side when they go up the elevator. When they enter the apartment her hair is parted in the middle. (00:25:35)


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Snow: How much sleep ya need, Kelvin?
Chris Kelvin: How much sleep?
Snow: Yeah. Um, how long ya think you can go without sleep?
Chris Kelvin: Depends.
Snow: Well, when you do go to sleep... I find I sleep much better with the door locked.

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Trivia: When Kelvin gives Rheya the pill to relax, note that she takes a sip of water first and then puts the pill in her mouth. When director, Steven Soderbergh, asked Natascha McElhone if she did this as a part of her performance, as possibly a statement that if "you are created by Solaris that is how you take a pill?" Natascha was confused and informed him that was simply how she took pills. (00:48:25)


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