Chris Kelvin (Clooney) is a psychologist on Earth, and receives a bizzare message from an old friend that the Solaris exploration mission has gone wrong, but the friend can't explain how. Kelvin is sent to meet the ship and attempt to return the ship and crew to Earth.
Kelvin arrives at the planet Solaris to find some of the crew dead, others missing, and the remaining survivors are being extremely vague about what's been happening.
He finds that the ship has "visitors" onboard... beings that look, sound, and act like people the crew used to know, including his own dead wife. Are the beings who they say they are, or is the crew under attack by a malevolent alien force?


Continuity mistake: When Rheya comes with Kelvin to his apartment her hair is parted on the side when they go up the elevator. When they enter the apartment her hair is parted in the middle. (00:25:35)


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Rheya Kelvin: I can't remember how I got here. Did I come here with you?
Chris Kelvin: I don't know how you got here.
Rheya Kelvin: What do you mean?
Chris Kelvin: I woke up and you were here.

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Trivia: When Kelvin gives Rheya the pill to relax, note that she takes a sip of water first and then puts the pill in her mouth. When director, Steven Soderbergh, asked Natascha McElhone if she did this as a part of her performance, as possibly a statement that if "you are created by Solaris that is how you take a pill?" Natascha was confused and informed him that was simply how she took pills. (00:48:25)


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