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Hanover Street (1979)

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Corrected entry: On their escape, a French woman hides Sellinger and Halloran in a barn. We see a man behind a curtain who later makes a phone call to inform the Germans. When they arrive Sellinger says to Halloran that the girl's father must have called them, this in spite of the fact that the woman never mentioned her father. (01:32:25)


Correction: When they met the woman in the barn, and after she kills the German soldier, she mentions that her father is a collaborationist, because he was afraid of the Germans. It's natural to assume that if somebody alerted the Germans, it would only be her father.

Character mistake: Before they jump off the plane Halloran should at least have checked if Sellinger has his parachute strapped on properly, knowing that the other guy has absolutely no experience. (01:05:55)


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Sarah Sellinger: Mummy... when am I going to get breasts?
Margaret Sellinger: Next Tuesday. Why?
Sarah Sellinger: I don't know. Sometimes I think they look silly.
Margaret Sellinger: Well, they do look best with formal wear.

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