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Lord Foxley: Looks aren't everything.
Flit: What is that Benson? The family motto?

Dave: That's right you two - no actually, you know what, you're a ten-faced dick. And that's a lot of dick.

Tony Manson: Never, never let the artist have control over their own music. They'll end up playing what they want.

Dave: Your mama's got no teeth and that's perfect for her line of work.

Flit: Oh yeah yeah yeah, it was sooooo much better than Ben. I think we should just forget Ben actually. Just forget him, forget all the stuff he did. I mean, she is just... Let's just run with her.
Natalie Bevin: 'Her' has a name.

Journalist #2: Some people are saying this uh... disapperaing act is little more than a cheap publicity stunt.
Tony Manson: Bullshit! It's costing me a bleedin' fortune.

Dave: Alfred! Nice Batcave, my brother.
Flit: Man, this is huge! Way to go, Jeeves.

Continuity mistake: In the scene near the end, when the band finds out that Jim has been taping their songs, Dave is wearing black nail-polish. Then when he threatens to 'pull out his can of Whoopass,' it's not there.

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