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Dead Man on Campus (1998)

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Corrected entry: Buckley comes into Josh and Cooper's room and asks if he can use the bathroom. The bathroom is in the common area between the rooms, he does not have to go through their room to get to it. (01:02:05)


Correction: Buckley wasn't asking for permission because he needed to go through their rooms to get to the bathroom. He was extremely paranoid and wanted to make sure he was allowed to do something before screwing up. Believe it or not, one of my roommates is the same way. He once asked me if he could use the oven, which is in the common room.

Corrected entry: In the opening credits, one of the suicide diagrams shows a man breathing from a hose hooked to a car exhaust. The gas in the diagram is labeled as CO2 (Carbon Dioxide). The lethal gas in exhaust fumes is CO (Carbon Monoxide). (00:02:10)


Correction: Though CO is present in car exhaust, CO2 is present in much greater quantities because it is the major product of hydrocarbon combustion. Both are poisonous in certain quantities and both can kill you.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: In the opening credits, one of the suicide diagrams shows a woman about to drop a radio into a bathtub. The radio is shown plugged into an outlet labeled as 220v. In the US (where the film is set) the only common household products that run on 220v are air conditioners and similar equipment, and a radio would not be able to plug into a 220v outlet without major modifications. (00:01:30)


Correction: Because the movie is set in the US, does not mean the diagram was created in the US. One could also argue that 220 is less lethal as well.

Sol Parker

Plot hole: While planting the suicide gear in the bathroom before Buckley comes in, Cooper tells Josh to tie the rope into a noose as they go to hide in the shower. Josh replies that he doesn't even know how to tie a noose. He must be a quick study, because in the 45 seconds or so that it would have taken Buckley to relieve himself and wash his hands, Josh has tied a perfect noose. (01:03:55)


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Cliff: Who wants to do a bong... how about you.

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