Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde

Corrected entry: In the opening of the film where the viewer only sees the scrapbook, you hear Paulette say that one picture was taken the day Elle found out she passed her LSAT's. You don't "pass" LSAT's. Law schools look at your LSAT scores to see whether they are high, low, average, but it's not like a bar exam where you either pass or fail.

Correction: I think what she meant by "pass" was that Elle's grade was high enough to get her into Law School.

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Corrected entry: How does the presentation turn from a bunch of papers to a pop-up presentation? (00:34:05)

Correction: It's likely that she made multiple presentations, being the fashionable girl she is.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Elle is meeting Stanford Marx for the first time, when Stan says something about dogs being the best diggers, Elle's legs are far away from Stan. But immediately after this, Elle's legs are almost facing the camera.

Correction: It is very possible while the cameras were on her back, she shifted her legs. Doesn't take a lot of movement.

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Corrected entry: When everyone is picking up the ringing phones, it seems like they all have watches on. But when we see them talking, not everyone has a watch on.

Correction: When they were holding the phones, the watches or bracelets they wore slid down, some pretty far. You can see bits of them at the bottom of the screen.

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Correction: It is not unusual that a film takes place in one specific location, but that none of the actors ever actually step foot in or near it during the shoot.

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Corrected entry: When Elle was younger, her nanny wanted to take her to the Baby GAP. The only problem is that the Baby GAP wasn't introduced until 1990, when Elle would have been 10 or 11. Much to old for Baby GAP clothing.

Correction: She's implying that her nanny was treating her like a baby.

Corrected entry: When Elle shows the V.E.R.S.A.C.E headquarters Security Guard her 'pass', she puts her bag on a table, but, when the camera zooms out, there is no table in front of the security guard.

Correction: She doesn't put her bag on a table, she holds it while taking her 'pass' out.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Margot and Serena are starting the cheerleading routine, they yell out, "Intern class of 2003, on deck", but how is this possible when we see at the end of the first movie that Elle graduated law school in 2004?

Correction: It's not a mistake, they're just emphasizing how stupid she is.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Elle introduces the snap cup, she asks everyone to contribute a paper. We see that Timothy is the last person to put his paper in and he puts in on the very top. Then Elle picks that one up and before she reads it she says, "Oh here's mine", when you can see it was Timothy's.

Correction: She mixes up the papers before drawing a piece of paper out of the snap cup.

Corrected entry: On Elle's first day working for the congresswoman, she plays "Snap Cup" with the others. When she is handing out the "Snap Cup" papers you see that she only hands papers to Grace, Reena and Timothy. When she tells everyone to put their papers in the cup the other people standing around have papers to put in.

Correction: They take papers you just don't see them do it. There's a time lapse.

Corrected entry: When Elle's car pulls up in front of Versace headquarters no one is driving.

Correction: Because the scene is shot at a low angle, you cannot see the driver.

Corrected entry: There are plenty of times where we see Bruiser sitting in Elle's bag, but in the shots immediately after, the bag is zipped up (although animal welfare is more important than impressing the viewer.).

Correction: Actually you can see the bag is not zipped up, the bag is just closed

Corrected entry: In the scene where Elle phones her sorority sisters, using her special pass to organize the march in Washington, there is a great deal of excitement and noise. Once the conversation is over and the sorority sister hangs up the phone, the shot changes back to Elle, in Washington, but you can still hear the excitement through Elle's phone.

Correction: The sister is dragged away from the phone and drops it, she doesn't hang up

Corrected entry: When the congresswoman with the brown hair and blonde bangs is patting her hair right after Paulette is finished with it, when she pats her blonde bangs, you can see them move out of place, and it is obviously a wig.

Correction: There was no sink anywhere, and Paulette wouldn't have had time to wash and dye anyone's hair. I think we were supposed to know it was a wig.

Corrected entry: In the scene in the bathroom Elle's boyfriend asks, "Do you know what I thought when I first saw you?" to which she replies, "There's a girl that wears a lot of pink?" this does not make sense as the first time they meet Elle is wearing green.

Correction: Elle most likely forgot what she was wearing when she first met Emmett, and she probably thought she was wearing pink, considering the fact that she certainly wears alot of it. Also, Emmett said "when I first SAW you", and he could have seen her before he met her, and when he first saw her she could have been wearing pink.

Corrected entry: In the first shot of Elle pitching Bruiser's Law to the other partners at the law firm she is not wearing a headset microphone, two shots later she is wearing one.

Correction: The microphone is on the smaller side and the first shot's view is from the other side of the room, so it's difficult to make out any specific features near her face, such as the microphone.


Corrected entry: When Elle goes to the first day of the hearing, she arrives in a pink suit. In the next shot, and through the rest of the hearing, she is wearing the same suit in teal.

Correction: As far as I could tell, the pink suit was worn during her very first hearing. The teal suit was worn during a different hearing on a different day.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Elle is at the Lincoln Memorial, her shadow alternately is cast away and towards the statue depending on the camera shot.

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Elle: Who wants to talk animal testing?
Timothy McGinn: Write a bill, Britney.

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Trivia: When Elle goes to work in Washington D.C., She wears a pink outfit reminiscent of First Lady Jackie Kennedy. When her boyfriend broke up with her at the start of the first movie, he said that he needed "to marry a Jackie, not a Marilyn."

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Question: Can someone please explain to me the whole intern class of 2003 thing, and the fact that it said Elle's law school class was the class of 2004?

Answer: Elle was in the Law School class of 2003 which graduated in Spring 2003. She became an intern in Fall 2003 thus 2003 Intern. At the end of the first movie, she is signing up new students for the Blonde Legal Defense Club under a sign that says "Welcome Class of 2004", but this is at the beginning of her second year - the new students are 2004, she is 2003.

None of that happened in any of the movies. I'm confused. Elle graduated the class of 2004 in the first movie, but the second movie takes place in 2003.

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