Trivia: When Harper strikes Puddler in the head with a rasp, Puddler yells the Wilhelm scream.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Paul Newman seduces Shelly Winters in the nightclub, they're dancing to the sounds of a brass band, even though the musicians are all holding guitars.

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Miranda Sampson: What do you do this kind of crummy work for, anyway?
Lew Harper: What, are you trying to be funny? I do it because I believe in the United Nations and Southeast Asia, and - you think it's funny if your life depends on what goes through the Panama Canal? What about the English pound? I'll tell you something - as long as there's a Siberia, you'll find Lew Harper on the job.
Miranda Sampson: Are you putting me on?
Lew Harper: Jeez, I don't think so.

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