44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shoot-Out
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Henry Jones: Ramon, I want you to have this.
Ramon: What is it?
Henry Jones: It's a bible, Ramon.
Ramon: What do you want me to do with a bible?
Henry Jones: I want you to read it, Ramon.
Ramon: Which part?
Henry Jones: Whatever part speaks to you.

Donnie Anderson: We're supposed to have the firepower, but they had the firepower that day. But we had the willpower. You know what? I'll take willpower over firepower any day.

Larry Eugene Phillips Jr.: Hey, did you see that? Porsche 911. Oh, I love those.
Emil Matasareanu: I hate the Germans.
Larry Eugene Phillips Jr.: You're from Romania. That practically makes you a German.
Emil Matasareanu: I'm an American! I like Corvettes and Mostons.
Larry Eugene Phillips Jr.: If you're going for horsepower and good looks, there's nothing wrong with that.

Henry Jones: Luck is preparation meets opportunity.

Factual error: After the cops respond to the domestic disturbance (son hitting mom), we see the male officer get in the back with the boy to show him the crime scene photos and he shuts the door after getting in. Police cars are designed so that the back doors must be opened from outside, however, he exited the car with no help. (00:21:00)

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Suggested correction: Police cars just use the child safety lock on the side of door that prevents the back door being opened from inside. It's simple to turn them off so the doors can be opened from the inside.


However, as an active police car that has just arrested a suspect, the child lock would be on to prevent escape. The mistake remains valid.

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And it is worth noting that when Henry leaves the car he doesn't engage the lock but the suspect remains in the car.

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Trivia: The film is based on the true story of a 1997 holdup of a North Hollywood Bank of America building.

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