Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle

Factual error: Helicopter rotor blades do not unfold by themselves and there is no way to unfold them from inside the helicopter. A trained mechanic with the right tools and equipment (including the proper ladder for the job) will take a minimum of twenty minutes to rig a four bladed rotor, and that's if (s)he's in a hurry. An airborne (i.e. falling) helicopter? Forget it. (00:07:40)

Factual error: When escaping with Ray Carter in Mongolia, the Angels drive a truck across a bridge and encounter a tank. The tank used is an old U.S. Army M48 or M60 with a red star painted on the turret - not likely to be found in Mongolia.

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Factual error: When Dylan tries to kick Madison and she catches her foot Madison twists Dylan's foot straight down and you hear bones popping, but after getting flipped and kicked she gets up without so much as a limp. Her ankle should have been broken/dislocated at this point. (01:15:00)


Factual error: When Madison falls through the stage floor she breaks a pipe and her pistol ignites a flame. I'm guessing this must have been a natural gas pipe, which if broken leaves no regulation of the natural gas flow, therefore the explosion would have taken out the entire stage not just sent a little flame coming up through the hole in the stage. (01:35:25)


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Suggested correction: The gas line would not explode because natural gas only runs at a pressure of 14 PSI but that pressure would still be enough to keep gas constantly flowing out of the pipe Into the Fire therefore it would act more as a flamethrower in less like a bomb because the gas wouldn't be able to suck back in the pipe unless the pressure were to drop.

Factual error: In the scene where the helicopter falls off the bridge there isn't enough time to start the helicopter, let the systems get enough pressure and get the blades rotating fast enough to provide enough lift to fly plus at the angle the helicopter was falling it couldn't even auto rotate. (00:07:40)


Factual error: When Lucy L. is using the gas pipe as a flamethrower, it is suddenly turned off afterward. This could be because of one of the other characters turning the handle, but if they turned it off in that way (or any way), the flame would go inside the tube and make the tank blow up. (00:58:40)

Factual error: Before Cameron goes surfing the girls mention that there's a hurricane off the coast causing good waves. There are no hurricanes in the Pacific Ocean, only typhoons.

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Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie when the Angels are rescuing the US Marshall, Lucy Liu is wearing stiletto heeled boots. When they jump out of the window, the heels are square. (00:01:30 - 00:06:40)

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Trivia: When Demi Moore shoots the speaker box, the portraits seen behind her are of previous Angels from the TV series. (01:19:25)


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Answer: Bill Murray played the character of Bosley and it was no secret in terms of the gossip from the entertainment shows like Extra, Access Hollywood and so on that Bill and Lucy Liu did not get along. From what I heard this was the reason that Bill did not reprise his role in the second film and Bernie Mac took over as Bosley.

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